Why The name?

Emerald Cownoy is a family based business located in Canada.


For years our family have been in the business of Gems, minerals and crystals. Specializing in High quality crystals known as "Lemurian seed Blades of Light"


We carry a huge collection of minerals from all over the world. Our family understands the world of minerals and its healing powers.

Come visit us and find what you're looking for!.

The Colombian culture from the territory of Boyaca, Llanos Orientales, and Antioquia have the strongest ties to the Cowboy Culture. Located in a town of the department (Province) of Boyaca, Muzo. flourishes with the highest quality of Emeralds, and crystals in the world. Because of this region of the country where the emerald mines are located, The cowboys of these town, specially Muzo, are called Emerald Cowboys or Cowboys that work in the emerald mine.

Our goals/Mission?


Our goal is to bring to your life the finest crystals in the world. 

What do we do?


We are a Mineral and crystal store, that focuses on the teaching of healing via minerals, gems and crystals. if you are new and eager to learn come by! we will try our best to help you understand the world of minerals which is the same world you've always been walking on!